Hard day at office yesterday

Went to part of city to a sex shop its ok ill keep it PG. Part of having supersensitized dopamine system is i must have things immediately there is no waiting. I also bought a similar thing online and put a post office as the postage address which is allowed just taking care of my vermin neighbors

Oh and I want to experiment with like a very fluffy towel for my toilet seat. I’m very satisfied with what i have done but what i said could be even better but it would be exact same design just different fabric type :grinning:

You guys like my notepads ive been looking for them when I am out i am particular about the colors. Admittedly i don’t use them that much but they are good to have. Oh bought bulk ear plugs 80 pack used them they are good i throw them out after each use i’ve noticed thats how it has to be

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I am so angry right now :rage: If ‘he’ is not satisfied will he ever be. Haha its ok. Now ‘this time’ i mean it not researching anymore. There is a compendium of skills not least of which is our anonymous privacy. Its nothing anyway. Its jus it can get in my head this stuff. Let me cool off for gods sake. Its over is it? Hehe bye bye people.

I’ve never been in one of those shops

but I hear it sucks to clean it up, so I can understand the instant thing.


I pretty well did text file. There is one account I need to ring up and get them to give me access. Just a government one :grinning: Don’t have old mobile number anymore to sign in. Oh showing timezone isnt issue if you edit about:config settings in firefox but i was talking generally it is a breach of security

I like my zombies they good! I had a delusion of a ufonet :confused:

So pleesed i am a bit ocd well all my payed proxies i got 250 socks5 and also 250 http. Anyway all socks5 i just extracted the locations for all of them in csv format. How organized eh!! Oh and i know all about copying large amounts of text and extracting the proxies with online tools then you check them with a program to see if they are working its rather a bore nothing amazing

Are you ok? You are talking very disorganised and incoherent. Hope you are not in trouble.

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Yes much symptoms

As far as my online course im stuyding there is only one thing left. Like literally only one thing left i want to learn which is using wireshark with man-in-the-middle and something like ettercap. Sniffing out problems and stuff. I need that ability even if it is not of much use in the end.

But I don’t want to study so hard that i induce catatonia in myself. The emotions can give me catatonia

Trying on reddit to market my xss services. Think it could work good. Dont worry i wont bother yous anymore :slightly_smiling_face: Given ‘he’ doesnt know ■■■■ about csrf tokens I dont think my coworker could do better.


I Have A Question:::~ Why Is Reddit Considered ‘The Front Page Of The Internet’?.

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I was looking at it just now schizophrenia reddit i dun know why they call it that

Hmm. (Part 2).

I Actually Wondered About Reddit And If There Was A Connection With Mental Illness, And The Site. If There Is, I Ponder…, How Would A Community Such As That, Feel About, People Like Us?. Do You Think We Could Be Accepted By The Front Page Of The Internet?.

Oh you guys are funny. Such darls.

Is The Word, ‘darls’, Short For Darling?.

For I Do Not Accept That As The Front Page Of Your Introduction Here In Thus Thread!.

Oh why it is short for Darling yes. Im not answering your questions right now my son needs breakfest

Feed Your Child Indeed. Feed Your Child Food. Healthy Food. Good Portion Healthy Choice.

Fun, Happy, Amazing Food. Yum!, Yum!, Food.

Nono I Say Darling, Nonono I No Not Darling. I Know Not No Know Not Darling.

Now!.., FEED THE CHILD (!!!).

Nirvana~ ‘All Apologies’. (I Am Of Sorry For Yelling). Let Kurt Cobain Serenade You Both!.


Did You Gals And Or Guys And Or Aliens Listen To The Great, Beyond Horizon Amazing Song?.

Was It More Spooktacular Than A Tree Older Than All Of The Oceans Combined?.

If You Say Yes, I Shall Share Another Song!.

If You Say No, I Will Have To Call The Army Of Mummified Mystical Earth Roaming Sharks.

And They Won’t Be Serenading You With NOTHING But!, Angry Water Showers Of Madness (!!!).