Harassment or schizophrenia or both

Hi new to this site, it seems as if others have been diagnosed and on meds. In my situation move from hometown had baby then diagnosed in 2009. Then moved back to hometown.

I hear voices I don’t recongise in car while travelling 60mph nearly all over south Uk. But outside house I hear the street having a go at me but I recongise same of them as I have spoken to them in the past.

Yeah voices are hard to deal with.

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Are you in a situation when you know that the voices can’t possible be real, but then when people whom think you have something wrong hound you with their voice.

Thanks Apathy, your right

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That situation I have no experience with and sounds unique to you but I will try my best to understand. Someone knows the voices can’t possibly be real but other people who think there is something wrong hound you with their voice. Hmm. I can’t say I’ve had that.

When they “hound you with their voice” is it one of those voices you know can’t be real but you know the person?

Is it reoccurring voices… Like ur recognize the voice as one uve heard before … In it head or out? And than when driving it’s an unfamiliar like a voice or “delusion” uve never encountered before… like someone new ?

this is also my problem but not in the car the car is a good place for me
i hear people insulting me out and about and never know if its real or not because no one reacts but me but i don’t want to accuse people of things if its my voices.
i also get sound hallucinations like my phone text alert when nothing really is sent
I try to look for other clues if its real or not but I admit a lot of times it just sends me into an anger spiral
but I go home and pace but today at the grocery store I heard stuff then sent an email to the place complaining but what if it was just my voices and now I might get someone in trouble i hope not

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Don’t worry to much about complaining, once or twice. I have done the same thing in past. But if you do it to often, then more people do it and I find it spreads.

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