Harassment about being on psych meds

I’m getting a lot of verbal harassment about being on psych meds which never relieved the voices but it does help me sleep. I’ve suffered a lot of insomnia after my nervous breakdown 10 years ago and the sleep meds + anti-psychotic are a necessity now, but pulled for a few days every month because of my state’s restrictions on ‘narcotics’ like ambien. But, in my community there are SO many barking dog drone stalkers complaining about psych medications around schizo/bi-polar people. I just wanted to share the concerned shout out as these people are an ignorant idiot. Someone who is on medications needs to ignore these people. You cannot quit medications cold turkey and be okay…You will also get in trouble with psychiatrist/mental clinic if you do not switch to therapy for a while but that still may not keep the caseworker away if you had a bunch of forced psych care warrants in your past keeping you under close supervision. If you decline psych meds while inhospital, they usually keep you locked up and torture you with group tackles for declining meds…three weeks of meds compliance will get you free and there is no other way but meds compliance as far as I know if you were forcably mental hospitaled. You have to act pretty stable & not confusable to see a therapist instead of psychiatrist… Your disability or SSI check may stop too. I also warn you, the people stalking victims for verbal harassment (aka cause/gang stalking) usually try to recruit you to join a big church and offer you a healing. The dirty secret is many of the poor people hearing the voices are used as a circus show for healing, their wallets inspected and then dumped back onto the street to be harassed by these same church members, even in your employment by what I call ‘preach stalking’. Even 5+ years later, I’m pestered after trying a church by 4,000+ people, even in front of their coworkers and really scared to work around any of these screw ups - I made no later contact attempts to warrant stalking either… Some of these churches have even worse going on because of dirty businessmen who really run these churches by force and you don’t want any REALLY… If you wish to check out the church, I would go in alone and NEVER put my name or contact information in the book or it could result in preach stalking harassment later too…NEVER discuss where you work either. .If you only attend social events at the church and not go to services all the time, you will be shown the ‘best’ of the church and shown the door. YOU MUST keep quiet about whatever response you are given, otherwise just claim you didn’t have gas money to attend both services/social and it is your mistake. NEVER write a check to a church as there have been instances where someone has stolen money out of checking accounts to keep members coming back…you need to give cash.

These type of preach stalker are always told to evangelize and bring in the people but some of these churches really are unfit. If you discover anything problematic at any church, I suggest you post a comment about the church on Topix.com or city-data.com for your community and use a different username than usual. Some communities have churches listed under cult or devil worshiper on these boards so you know what to search to get your complaint listed with all the others.

IF YOU ever witness anything unokay at a church, walk out without any response and do not return. There is no need to report it to anyone unless you can call the senior services or child abuse hotline on it, most of the city authorities already know and don’t care.

Just a head’s up and cause to show concern over this STUPID behavior and SOMETIMES SCAM driving it.

I guess I will add, I have worked at a church before and people who got counseling there were usually left pretty nutty. People of the church would snivel & mess with someone just as much as anyone else when they got annoyed too…some of the evangalical, non-denominational or pentacostal churches are so completely out-there, their members are borderline nuts to some people anyway including following preacher’s order to harass spouse who will not go to church or even divorce.

I so HATE to see these people saying these nutty things about psych medications in presence of some new, impressionable and fragile psych patients or people treated for insomnia. After 3+ nights of insomnia, sleep meds are needed, which is best received from regular MD or emergency room first time out. Anyone who suffers longer insomnia will need more treatment if you let it go and may end up with a forced mental hospital stay. Treatment by psychiatrist is necessary if you need more than 10 nights of sleep help. If you had a recent fight, I would never talk to person again or anyone you met through them. Just ask to be left alone if the person tries to stalk you…Sometimes this ends the anxiety that causes insomnia…

Proceed with caution if you meet these kind. By the way, women really gain a lot of weight due to insomnia as we have less muscle mass than male. We really burn a lot of calories during sleep. Sleep meds can be a good idea at least temporarily for a female.

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Yes People do take advantage of mentally ill. It’s horrible. I’m sorry that happened to you… I am not sleeping very normal either. My sleep schedule is out of whack I’m borderline nocturnal!

I’m no con artist I swear! I just an a kid that is way over his head sometimes.

Is there anything that people don’t harrass eachother for?

You are right Pansdisease. Miss the old days of professional behavior and respect, people here turned into animals and just growl…I don’t bother with much as I watch friend after friend screwed by employers whose office culture is to mess people up and local management workshops on how to ditch employees without paying unemployment…Some of these end up being called mentally ill, discredited and unable to do anything except get mental care and file for SSDI…I hate what this city is coming too, gonna run it into the ground and leave the animals left fighting it out for scraps after wealthy stripped place and ran off with everything. Have to stay here couple more years, social problems are too bad to live alone any more. I’m broke.

stillperkin, you got respect girl, you made it this long without meds and are fending for yourself it seems. You are a super star.

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