Happy Victoria day

To all my fellow Canadians! :canada:


I’m going to show my ignorance by asking what Victoria Day is.

It is a holiday celebrating queen Victoria. Most people just call it the may long weekend.

Yes, I’ve known Queen Victoria to be an exceptionally good ruler.

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Nobody actually cares about Queen V. and most barely know who she was, we just like not having to work.

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Yeah, we get the day off for the guy who was the 14th guy to “discover” America. “Discover” is in quotes because it’s not like Columbus found some new, uninhabited land. The Indians had been here a thousand years already and some of their cities were more sophisticated than many cities in Europe.

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We still have a public holiday for the Queens birthday. It’s actually in June and not on her birthday but like Canadians we do love our days off work.


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