Happy Valentines Day!

For those who celebrate it at least.

The same to you. How have you been doing, lately?

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The same to you, I got one positive news today from one front, at least something to be happy about.

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@pretzel I’ve been good and bad. It’s been kinda up and down lately but at the moment I’m good. No panic attacks today so whooo that’s always good. How about you? How have you been?

@mjseu Well if you ever get down today try to redirect your thinking to the positive news.

thanks @ChildOfFate it was one big positive news today …

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I’m having a good day. But I’m catching a cold. Someone once told me that when a depression heals, you catch a cold. Sounds good to me.

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I wrote Valentine day poem.

you’re young… I’d get banned… lol lol lol

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@mjseu well that’s a good thing

@pretzel Man can I get a cold then? I wouldn’t mind having a cold for a month if it means that after my depression is gone.

@sirBoring Can I see it? Or would you rather not share it?

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Oh okay