Happy thinking is healthy

i know I’m doing well! Mom is ok and I’m hopeful: I know she needs help and it makes us look bad especially me with all the bs received but I just want to put some sort of desperate hope to God she never is out in jail for her mental illness.

Thanks to God things should be not as bad as it seems and I hold strong in trust in our government to be dutiful as they are to humanity, by not hating or preying on people in weak positions or are victimized by systems that don’t always work out the way it should.

I recall doubt in my phase of accepting a label generally applied to those with ongoing non stop symptoms or who didn’t get better so fast.

Faith is barren without people Practice what’s been learned in society about human will and desire I guess it sound kind of extreme but in America we deserve our rights as bad as it can and has gotten don’t forget that the military protect and defend freedom and human independence.

But the nationalism is sad. If not to suggest that the game players leave the hop scotch game and the bystanders who watch then are victims or bullied because of faults in our progresses and mistakes people have made in the name of our country,

It’s not the country or American flag that’s the problem or the law enforcers entire issue its outrage at so many short comings in what’s supposed to be the best democracy freest place on earth! Let’s make it that! Keys to the gate::: we can’t just let Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the U.S. That’s because the government is afraid of terrorism and we need to prove that we are better and safer and happier for our freedom were grateful! We’re not spoiled! We earned our rights not to let ours be stamped out for any cause by any person and will become a community not a bully on the planet.

Those mistakes are not being made by the majority of us who are passionate about our thoughts or beliefs but who do not have the right authorities, certifications of knowledge or credit for our devotion to all humans life right to freedom success and equality give me liberty or give me death give me choices and resources to build a firmament upon our existence and the fundamental path toward light id as the founds of this important truth will hold the future accountable to higher standards.

Our creators our founding forefathers leaders artists and builders wanted a paradise and the fountain of youth is all children of all nations who become the torchbearers through the trials and tribulations as each step we ascend to the clear sky with nature remembered . Don’t cut down the forest and hope that God will randomly invent new seeds for a garden of Eden. No we are thirsty hungry starving and no one is helpless to go unnoticed by the grace of this strange power a universe holds we have yet to explore and take an adventure to! The greatest stories of heroism!

If only you had the power to know the futures stories and could understand and relate the histories of time, and then suddenly you are rewarded the ultimate acceptance of life, to know each human indivisible and independently had the ability to correct errors of madness, and to reclaim the futures stories by writing better plots and their justified means and ends : you all control destiny! Don’t we already know this? We can hide from our honor as long as we can cover ourselves with mud like pigs and those pigs were sacrificed to the original civilizations and lovers who came here or warriors who only knew dangerous hostile terrain: this is why they tamed cattle and whispered to animals making them our pet, to conquer destiny not the world alone. To fight evil not fight for its other face! You know? People need hope and it it were up to me I’d support finding homes and food for refugees in war torn Middle East The U.S. Is supposed to be a world leader not followers and we alike need to drop our paranoid delusions to do what’s right: help them ! They don’t have to live in the U.S. For us to support failing to find resources for shelter and hope for there helpless suffering victims than the Americans current administers ARE a part of the problems and are ruining everything we have fought to keep for hundreds of years and thousands upon thousands of names . I believe in God. I believe in freedom. I believe in a free democratic United state and a self chosen destiny for all other boundaries drawn upon the sands of time, you know we the symbols don’t matter as much as who we are were and what we did to make them mean anything.

Right now what is the U.S. about is it murder chaos and corruption if freedom means sudden dissent or is it two whoevers who have prestige but won’t be recalled when we are ruined by the violence and oppression our oppressive insiders support or pacifier for the sake of a tolerable false prison state. Shall we become refugees to our own designs refugees to the false crimes of others or can we remove the ties that bound and choked us like savages and willingly fall upon the crosses before our plates

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