Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. I had dinner with my parents. There was some old wine. It was nice. How was your Thanksgiving?


Had a great day with girlfriend. Just ate and napped a lot. haha…relaxing.

Just exactly how old was your old wine? I’m jealous.


I ate alone at Golden Corral thanksgiving buffet. It was pretty good.


The wine was 500 years old–a very special wine. Just kidding. It was one-two years old. But it was still pretty good.


Going out to dinner is always fun.


boy you had me going there for a minute…I almost shouted “yippee!” haha…


glad you are back.
take care :alien:


I had a great Thansgiving. I spent it with my dad’s family in Columbia SC and we had a blast.


I had a full dinner with the parents of my nephews wife at their house. It went well. A little chatting, good food and then watched the 49’rs play Seattle. There were two cute 20 year old sisters there and a pair of twin baby girls. Both could have given me trouble but I sailed right through the night. My sisters were there too. It turned out that one of the sisters was a big hockey fan (I’m NOT. I like baseball and football) but we got into a little conversation about it. She was cool. I could see she felt a little superior about her hockey knowledge but I held my own and more. It’s not supposed to be a contest is it, lol? My brother-in-law was there too. He has problems socializing sometimes except when he’s drunk. I am almost better at socializing than him! But he’s been through the wringer with drugs back in the day. A hardcore druggie, but he’s clean now. He ALWAYS treats me respectfully. Anyway, we spent only four hours there. I’m glad I did it.


Thanks @darksith. It’s always so nice to hear from you.