HaPpY SaTuRdAy ☕

Good morning!

Glad I slept last night. So woke up around 5 am and worked a bit. I also ate mozzarella sticks at around 5:30 am :flushed: and took my L Theanine!!!

I wanna be lazy today and just have fun. The sun is coming out.
I also found out my order of the designer items is completely refunded :flushed: maybe they no longer have in stock. Anyway I am glad in a way as my work has decreased a bit.

I have been searching for a file sharing tool which would notify me when the client has downloaded the files. Dropbox has business option which will cost me more than 1K a year for 3 users and they do not have for one user only ?!

I checked some tools but did not find yet.

We are supposed to go to some breakfast. I wore my daisy romper today. I don’t wanna grow old :frowning:


Good morning selence .i just had my dinner…!! Will sleep after 1 and half hour …!!!


How is l-theanine working?


Very very well :blush::blush::blush::blush:


Is it stimulating?

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It is stoping my intrusive thoughts


good morning miss perky pants lol


How do you describe your intrusive thoughts miss waterway???

I hear the term intrusive thoughts on this board a lot.

Is it like thoughts that feel they’re being inserted in you from something different from yourself? Because that sounds similar to my worst symptom which went away with my abilify. Certainly not an easy thing to deal with. I’m just trying to figure out if that symptom is the same as what I experienced. It almost feels like “voices”…but they come from inside instead of outside of you so can’t technically be voices but kind of are??? I just am happy this went away with abilify because there is ZERO way to function if I am hearing my intrusive thoughts all day long.

The only thing that comes close for me is delusions that you TRULY TRULY believe that affect your every day life and philosophies and mindset and way you live etc… That may be as bad as the intrusive thoughts for me. Both are terrible though! I’m lucky I rarely heard voices though that must be terrible to hear.