Happy/sad parenting moment


Ordered the kid’s grad dress. Happy for her, but feeling a bit betrayed. She was supposed to stay seven-years-old forever.


:blush: :sob:


Beautiful dress!!!


Yep, my baby nephew is starting school this year, and my other baby nephew is leaving school this year! I don’t know how it happens so fast.

That is a truly stunning dress!


Love the dress!


Great dress!


Gorgeous dress! I know it’s a bittersweet moment but you have raised a wonderful daughter and ensured that she is well-prepared to excel in this next phase of her life. You must be so proud of her!


Wow that is so gorgeous


The dress is beautiful. My daughter just graduated last year. It was so sad and happy all at once


Nice dress and congratulations to your daughter for graduating


That’s a gorgeous dress! Congrats to your daughter :slight_smile:


Good job Dad. Not an easy thing bringing up a child so well done to you!


Great dress! 15151515


Congratulations daddy.


happy for ya @MrSquirrel


Thanks to all for the kind words. Between grad dresses, deposits on dorm rooms, etc., this week hit kind of hard.