Happy news

I just got awarded SSDI! What a relief! The whole process only took about 3.5 to 4 months and I didn’t even need to see a dr. My letter says my check will be deposited tomorrow. Now I can relax for a bit and concentrate on getting better instead of worrying over how to pay the bills. I can focus on getting good grades and getting my RN license, and then maybe go back to work in a few years if I am able. I’ll lose my food stamps and have to do a medicaid spend-down but I’ll still be better off as long as I continue to live very frugally. I can even start to pay my parents back the $9000 I owe them for one of my hospitalizations. I don’t mean to rub this in anyone’s face, I just wanted to share the news and let people know how the SSDI process went for me.


well that’s great a relief off your mind. Congrats!
hope you continue to get well and prosper

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Excellent! I am on SSDI too, and it has been a blessing for me too because I can’t work…now if I can just keep smoking one pack a day I will be o k…??

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Very happy for you! Now you can focus on getting better.

Living on SSDI is tight, but definitely doable. Just be smart about where your money goes. You might find that you can even SAVE some!



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Good for you! I am on SSI, and that has many more restrictions. But I am glad I have it nonetheless, as it allows me to go to school financially, since it qualifies me for the Pell Grant and the State Grant.

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Congrats. Have a cookie :cookie:


I don’t think this would upset anyone. We are here to support each other and cheer each other on!


way to go !!!

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Good going! It must be a relief in many ways :thumbsup:

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i am really happy for you.
take care

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That’s wonderful. I’m on ssdi too and I work part-time.

Congratulations. I’ve been on SSDI for almost 35 years. And I’ve been working part-time for about 28 years.and I started school in 1984.

That’s great news!! Congrats! Mine was pretty painless too. I did have to see one of their doctors but it wasn’t bad. I actually get less on SSD then when I was on SSI in Philly. My mom helps me out a lot and I get money from school. I also get food stamps which helps. There’s no way I can work. This illness has been bad for the past 4 years and has majorly affected my functioning. It’s weird that it would effect me differently now because I’ve been sick since I was 13. That’s awesome though! :sunny:

Thanks everyone for the replies. It looks like it’ll actually work out better if I purchase a health plan rather than do a medicaid spend-down, but I have to do more research and I have 30 days to figure it out. Plus with the medicaid i was told you are only allowed to have $2000 in your bank account so I’d have to spend down my award over the next 6months. I’d rather save it and have it in the bank as a safety net in case something happens.

Congrats. Great news. Its a breat feeling to get the crucial help for making one’s life less worrisome. Happy for you.