Happy News Today!

Today I saw my primary care provider and he’s actually talking with my pdoc about me going on Zyprexa so that I can reduce (maybe discontinue) the clozapine. I think they’re finally taking the QTc prolongation seriously since I had that episode last month. I like how well the clozapine has helped my mental health but the cardiac issues have been very scary and I’m willing to see if the Zyprexa might be okay for the mental stuff, too.

Also, I got weighed today and I’m down to 157 lbs! That’s 141 lbs gone and I feel like a new person! I’m also applying for a mini grant to help me afford an electric bicycle so I can ride around town this summer without overtaxing my heart. I hope they approve it.

My last good news is that it’s supposed to get to -35 F tomorrow night…but then it’s gonna warm up by this weekend and the weatherman thinks it’ll be the last cold snap for this winter. Yay, Spring!


All wonderful!

Congrats on the weight loss. There was a time when I lost 169 pounds a few years ago, but I’ve gained 85 of it back.

I hope Zyprexa works great for you! And I’m with you ready for spring!


Zyprexa has been good to me so good luck on the change. It’s always a bit of a crap shoot but I like zyrexa.

Good luck.


That’s wonderful news @WhiteRaven!

I’m glad for you!


Congrats on the good news!

also on the weight loss!

Holy crap that is cold. Especially since we are almost into march. It was high of 74F yesterday and supposed to be high of 32F here today, which is a weird, somewhat drastic drop. But nothing compared to yours.


Congrats on the weight loss and good luck with zyprexa i hope you do well on it



Good stuff and best wishes with the medication change.:pray:t4:

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Congratulations on your weight loss!!!

I’m glad they’re taking your prolonged QTc seriously

Sounds like a lot of good news! Great to hear!

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That’s awesome whiteraven! Hugs

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