Happy new year to all! Am still here :)

Ok, so i get still upset, that i was symptomatic and not living for 30 years… I dont know anybody else like me, but i have to chase this regret too now… Its hard though, am getting old and maybe ill always be a bit fragile, burdened over some somatics or other bs etc, idk…
But am more determined now to live happier lately… Its just not possible to live, when you have confusion though, confusion even about what food i like or which person etc… but anyway, wont complain now.
All the best for the new year to you all, try to fight too!!! :kissing_heart:
2022 - Year Review by Cee-Roo - YouTube


Happy new year!

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Hey Anna, hope you have a good new year, hope we all do :slight_smile:


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