Happy New Year 2016, it is going to be the Siberian freeze

The freeze from Siberian is coming to here where I am. Going to be very cold.

Happy New Year 2016


Just shoveled 5" last night to find another 5 waiting for me this morning. :expressionless:

They are predicting that it will snow a lot.

Get yourself ready with winter coat…

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And electric blanket, heater…?

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Inside it is 23 celsius :smiley:

yeah its cold in here in Kathmandu too…have a warm happy new year to all of u guys…tq…take care… :pray:

I got a Canadian Goose jacket as a gift few years ago, maybe I can wear this in 2016, it is very warm.


I got a similar one in green :smile:

In Lisbon you probably do not get so cold that you need to wear it. What is the temperature there now.@minnii

It’s been a warm christmas, it’s 16ºC right now. But I’m generally very cold.

Here is how the temperature changes, video

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Dont forget your fur hat!!!

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