Happy midsummer!

Happy midsummer, folks!

I’m working as the midsummer celebration is happening. Too bad that nothing happens due to quarantine and also due to the pouring rain outside.

Happy midsummer!
In scandinavia, we usually have big bonfires.
In Denmark, it’s customary to make a witch out of hay and old clothes and burn her on the fire, haha.

Ah okay! Here is it customary for Catholics to go to Mass in celebration of midsummer.

But unfortunately we still have covid19 going around, so I doubt that people are going to Mass. Most of the midsummer celebrations are liturgical here in Korea.

What does liturgical mean?

liturgical as in Catholic services and celebrations.

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It’s midwinter here and glad it is! The days get longer from here and we got a cold spell. Woe is me but with the sun comes a lot of fun!

its been raining a lot in canada. maybe summer will show itself next week

There’s a saying in Denmark: “I love the Danish summer, it’s my favourite day of the whole year” :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy: :joy: sounds like something I would say in Canada

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Haha…I live in semi tropical climates. It rarely gets below 10 degrees C and that is cold. No fun. haha. I’m such a lightweight when it comes to cold…

Happy midsummer :tada:
Not sure what that is

Longest day of the year for you peeps in Summer. Shortest day of the year in our realms in winter.
As humans do it’s often a mythical or such type of event and often celebrated. I’m just glad I get more time to dry my clothes on the washing line…yes. I have a dryer but sun is cheap. :slight_smile:

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It falls along the feast day in the Christian day calendar so it tends to be a celebration for Korean folks who are Catholic.

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