Happy March 1st!

It’s officially March🥳

What are your plans for the day?

I went to the fabric store and got some material to make a swimsuit/top and now my dad is taking me to my therapy appointment.


I didn’t do Much other than exercise today


Actually in recent days I had a symptom flare-up, but today I found a method to deal with it.
So I’m happy.


Good work!!! @Ish


Nice🙂 glad you found something that works for you

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What was your method to deal?

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Happy march first!

I cleaned off my record player today and played a couple records. A little Marvin Gaye and Joy Division. :wink:

Then I cooked up some white rice and had a plate of rice and chili for dinner.

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It Seems Everyone In Thus Thread Is Doing Well. . .

As Much As Can Be, During A Strange Pandemic Of Course. . .

I Walked To The Drug Store And Refilled My Invega. . .

As I Picked Up Some Smokes, I Quietly Sang A Song To Myself, Waiting In Line. . .

The Guy Ahead Of Me Laughed, As The Girl Behind Me Probably Wanted Me To HUSH!.

And THEN!!!. A Guy Walking A Pup Tied The Leash To A Pole Outside Of The Store. . .

I Asked Him If I Could Pet The PUP And He Jus Laughed And Said, 'Sure"!.

And Very Excitedly Knelt Down And Pet That Cool Pup Pup As The Guy Shopped Inside. . .

First Time I’ve Been Able To Pet A Pup Since Lacy (Pup) Passed Away. . .

Meant The Universe To Me. . .

So…, One Could Say, It’s Been A Good Day…, SO FAR (!!!).


Hope, True Love, Joy, And Peace!.

P.s. In Mother Nature’s Arms Blindly Succeeding. . . . . . . (((The Orbital Compass)))



I Jus Remembered Something.

I’ve Been So Far From The Universe And From Comfort.

In My Past After Lacy Passed Away I DID Have PUP PUP Company.

Jus In Strangely Dangerous Environments Kinda.

My Psyche Is Kinda Trying To Bury Those Older Memories.


One Can Say, First Pup Company Since Freedom. . .

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Peace!.

P.s. In Mother Nature’s Arms Blindly Succeeding. . . . . . . (((The Orbital Compass)))


@Sleystic it took me seven years before I could get another cat. Some people Dive Right In to replace the pet, but I took the time to get over it. He meant more to me than usual because he was my company through a dark period Of time

Time for a new pup yet?

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New Pup Pup. Well…, Lacy (Pup), Would Scream At Me And Say ‘YES Get A New Pup’ (!!!).

As She Would Roll Her Eyes Once Again, As I Bring All The Attention On Her. . .

The Place I Stay At Allows Pups. I Think There Is Some Sort Of Introduction Fee. . .

I Talked To Someone Else That Stays In These Apartments And While We Were On The Subject Of Pets, She Mentioned That After The First Fee, You’re Good To Go. . .

The Love I Have For Animals In General Is Promising. My Dad Grew Up On A Farm. And He Would Always Say, ‘DOGS BELONG OUTSIDE’!.

My Mom Would Laugh And Say, ‘Sorry…, But, You’re Wrong Dear’. . .

I Lean Towards Pups As Great Friends To Get Through THE RING OF FIRE Psychologically.

As The Fire Hurtful In A Spiritual Sense. And Not About Love. . .

Point Is,

I Would Love To Adopt A Pup!.

But!, I’m Not Ready Yet. . . . . . .

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All I did was exercise arms with 15lb dumbells and pick up my medicine at cvs. I’m glad they’re all synced up instead of picking them up at different times. I could have gone to get my oil changed but I was too lazy.

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I went for a walk the weather was absolutely gorgeous

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