Happy International Day of People with Disability!

Dec. 3 marks International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD), a UN sanctioned day that is celebrated internationally. I was watching a special on it and all the new assistive technologies being showcased for the physically impaired.

Neuroscience is still in it’s infancy but I would love to one day go to a conference showcasing all the innovative neurotechnologies and break-throughs.

To those bearing the burden of a disability, physically or mentally, cheers :beers: !


any robotic legs yet?

Neurotechnologies excite you do they?

Well, here is how it’s going down.

The front uses will be shown on display and as usual the shitty ■■■■■■■■ that always happens will go down behind closed doors. Neurotech will be used as nothing more than a weapon and means of control for everyone on earth.

They’ll put some ■■■■ on t.v. for people to see the great and wonderful advancements happening in the world but everyone knows i hope that they will be doing the same old shitty things with it behind closed doors.

It’s all just fronts, front business, front discoveries, all of it is fronts man. Any new thing is going to be used for complete and utter horseshit and it’s always been this way.

I haven’t seen anything on TV about it yet… it’s a well kept secret.

There is a high demand for mental illness technology and although the last half a decade has brought little innovation doesn’t mean none will come. 1/4 of mental illness burden is by those with schozophrenia you can’t discount the teachings of religious cultures. It can be desciribed as words and action. One day everyone will get their freedom. Don’t let fears lead you how to follow, it’s frear that will teach us new ways to follow.