Happy Holiday And Advance Happy New Year To All

What are your new years resolutions this coming new year? What are your goals in life too?

My new year resolution just stay healthy both mind and body and can do my daily routine like exercises, deliver lettuce, meet new customers and manage our farm and do ironing in our clothes and etc. I am hoping too that our another new coming business will be successful soon. Our new coming business is about advertisement on the website. I have to go to every stores one by one and meet new people to deal business with them and hopefully will become my new friends as well. I know myself that I can do it.

I am fit and healthy both mind and body. I am on my healthy weight now, and I can wear any clothes I like. I dont have negative and positive symptoms. I am maintaining the .5 mg of rispiridone. I do exercises every morning except if I am very sick like high fever.

To me new year is new life style and more struggles in life to survive of this planet earth. So next year I have to do some thing to make some money and to help my husband. I have a high personalities, I also have courage, and ambitions to be a perfect sellers. I learned how to sell lettuce to our customers like malls and beach resorts. I became a suppliers to the malls because of my courage and determinations and ambitions to be a good seller. I know I can do it. This is my new year resolutions.

Wish you a Happy New Year every body here.


I like your positive attitude on life. Wishing you a Happy New Year. :sunny:

Thank you very much. I like your post too but I don’t have any words to say.

resolutions cost to much money, im poor.

Not gonna be happy.

To me money is not really a solution to a happiness. You can simply spend Christmas without money but your happy just simple go to the park or out of the house with the families.

My Christmas no events or especial food at the table at all. But to me the most important are we are healthy and happy with my families. Even in Tacloban those area that many people died because of hurricane their families and friends died from surge and strong wind they also celebrate the Christmas or Holiday season how much more us? Simple but happy is the best things and the most of all is healthy both mind and body.

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