Happy Friday 💞



Friday is myday…
what r u doing @sleepybug
i am watching Nepalese movie on u tube…:relaxed:

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I could able to work in full time job…

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thank you. I hope your wish comes true :o)

I don’t know what I’m gonna do today. what do you think I should? I woke up at 2 am and finished all my work. I have a car, I can go anywhere, I do not want to spend money though.

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Go for a long drive with ur boyfriend…
its kindda fun and adventure…don’t be so miser…
money comes and goes …but life wont…
and let me tell u…
money is a good servant but bad master…
spent carefully…:+1:

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yeah I have a bunch of expenses in the coming months. so I need to be careful.

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Do u work(job) @sleepybug…???

yes. I’m a freelance graphic designer. I work from home. In 2 months I will start volunteering a couple hours a day and I will start offering makeup services too.


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