Happy Friday ❄

So yesterday I started Lexapro.

I had insomnia for around 2 hours then I fell asleep. I woke up at 11:00 am though it is too late. But I need to go through this.

I am not talking to myself yet. Not even a few words, I really hope it is Lexapro doing this. My back pain is decreased 50% so I can do basic chores today.

I signed up to receive Peta’s vegan starter kit. I really want to give it a try. Wish it will be an easy transition when I start cooking.

I will also get up and make the gingerbread dough in about 20 minutes. Make the dough, refrigerate it for 3 hours so around 5 pm I can make the cookies and finish work by 7. I really hope they come out great. I need to work with precision.

I am excited and waiting for the new year. I am also looking forward in having more work and being productive.

Fingers crossed.

I hope everyone is having a Good Friday today.


Happy Friday to you too. I hope you like Lexapro. I used it for years it really helped with some of my OCD type thoughts and behaviors. I just switched to Zoloft a month ago so that I could start taking a higher dose, I was effectively maxed on the Lexapro and needed more ad. So far none of my weird stuff has come back so I guess the Zoloft helps with OCD also.

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I notice a better well-being and also not so much obsessive thoughts today on the second day :woman_shrugging:t2: I hope it stays this way.

I just prepared the cookie dough and refrigerated it. in 2 hours I’ll make the cookies.

In the meantime I could finish some work.

I also took an appointment to take my cat grooming. I guess when she goes her litter, her fur is getting dirty. I tried cleaning it for her but it feels impossible.


I’m glad you’re having a good day, and I hope the Lexapro helps.

I got paid last night, albeit a small pay (19 hours’ worth), so I was able to pick up my Lamictal. I had been taking a half dose every day for the past week because I couldn’t afford to pick up more, but tonight I will go back to taking the full amount.

I was also able to make my car payment today, as well as pay a few other smaller past due bills (got some gofundme funds today), so that’s a relief. I’m feeling ok right now. :slightly_smiling_face:


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