Happy Friday Everyone!

I really should get more done working from home I guess but anyways it’s Friday and that used to mean something, still does now but just less is all.

I ordered a replacement laptop 2-in-1 laptop for my daughter, it is a foldable 11 inch laptop with a touch screen, same kind she had before, her or a sibling broke the screen on the one it is replacing, nobody will fess up.

My dad and younger brother are on the roof now putting the old antennae back on, we ordered a new one off Amazon hoping for more channels but ended up with less. I knew it was a risk when ordering it but it’s a shame it didn’t pan out. I don’t even watch TV so I really don’t care but that is what is happening in my life.

I guess I am going to go for a walk, it’s a nice day.


Sending you happy wishes and :hugs:

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Happy Friday, be well my friend

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TV is now picking up more channels, yay!


…and now dad cut himself pretty bad apparently, not terrible, but pretty bad. He had the new antennae hooked on instead of old antennae and had it hooked to a booster and it got as much channels as I think it’s going to get, problem is dad never knows when to leave stuff alone.

So he went back up and apparently cut himself, the antenna fell on him, I really don’t like him always messing with stuff because he just doesn’t know when to quit but that’s just who he is.

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… and now, new antenna hooked up, no booster connected, more channels than with booster connected.

It now should be the end of him screwing around on the roof, and time for him to watch the news which he so enjoys.

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