Happy Dominion Day

…from the resident Toque. (Also known as Canada Day to the less informed.)



Oops! We posted Canada Day cheer topics at the same time. Oh well, great minds think alike I suppose.

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I’m contrary by nature, so I celebrate Dominion Day. Besides, the name change was never passed legally.

Speaking of contrary, that’s the flag that flies over Casa Pixel.


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Funny - thats a term I haven’t heard very often:

and the new and improved “day”:

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The name change from Dominion Day to Canada Day was the result of parliamentary chicanery and is not regarded as legitimate by traditionalists such as yours truly.



Big day is tomorrow, so I changed my Avatar to celebrate! :sunny:

Ditto. I’ve got our real flag while you’re trouncing around in that nasty red and white ganja leaf. :stuck_out_tongue:

i like your flag pixel :slight_smile:

Look whos back!!!