Happy cake day @LovelyCreature

Happy cake day @LovelyCreature !


oh wow! Thats neato misquote!

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Happy Cakeday @LovelyCreature it’s your forum anniversary.

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Oh ok i get it now! I thought it was because i have a cake next to my name. I have no clue how it even got there!


Happy cake day @LovelyCreature! :cake:


Happy happy cakeday to you

A glorious cake day to you @LovelyCreature!

Happy Cakeday @LovelyCreature! :cake:

Happy Cake :birthday::birthday::birthday: Day @LovelyCreature. May you have many more!!!

Happy Cake day!

Happy cake day. :cake::cake::cake:

Happy cake day, @LovelyCreature!!


Happy cake day!!! Your name suits you

Happy cake day @LovelyCreature!

Happy cake day @LovelyCreature!

Thank you so much everyone! ?- how does everyone know? Was it a notification?

There’s a little cake next to your name if you hover over says it’s your forum anniversary.

whp added the cake to my name???

The cake is temporary
Just 24 hours


It’s a part of forum software. It’s just a cool little thing that makes people a part of a community.