Happy Cake Day @77nick77 🍰

Happy Cake Day @77nick77 :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake:

It was your five-year forum anniversary yesterday and it almost snuck by us!


Happy forum anniversary @77nick77

Happy cake day @77nick77


Happy Happy Cake Day!!

Happy cake day :cake:

Moonbeam been into this

Yeah, happy cake day. Wouldn’t want to go against.

Yay! Happy birthday

Happy Cakeday, @77nick77 !!

Happy Cakeday @77nick77! :cake:

Happy cake day!

Nick hasn’t been on here in a couple of days, hope he’s ok.

Happy cakeday, @77nick77

Happy cake day @77nick77! :birthday: :balloon:

Happy cake day mate. These boards wouldn’t be the same without your humility, kindness and humor! Well done!

Yeah, I noticed that he hasn’t posted in the past week. His account profile says “Seen 5 hours”.

@77nick77 Check in when you get a chance.

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HaPpy HaPpy Cake day!
Where are you @77nick77?

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Happy Cake Day :cake:

I hear the air there is bad. Might be a good time for a vacation.

Stay safe.

Happy cake day! :smile: