Happy Birthday SoHare!


@sohare1981 Happy Birthday!!

Sto lat is a Polish song they sing at birthdays that means “may you live to be a hundred”
We have sung it at every birthday since I was born so I guess now that I know the words like the back of my hand, I’ll be singing it to my children. Enjoy your day!! :sunny:


Happy Birthday SoHare!!


thank you both!!!


Happy Birthday and hope you have a great day.

May you spend it with people who make you happy. :birthday:


And Many Happy Returns.


Have a Happy Birthday! and have a wonderful year! :cake:


I hope you have a great happy birthday.

Enjoy and indulge.


happy birthday SoHare, i hope it is a good one.
take care


man, i could eat that in one sitting, that looks amazing…plus a pot of coffee !!
take care


thanks all again. It was relaxing day. Didn’t go out to the parks like we thought we would, my mom wasn’t feeling that well and my sinus’ shad my nose all stuffed up so I didn’t feel comfortable being outside, or in the fairly long car ride which I get motion sickness rather easily. I just stayed home and relaxed laying out in bed watching the Lexx on my new DVD player…(it was an older sci-fi show from Showtime.that was on in the late 90’s…it only had 4 seasons but I enjoyed the stories in each episode, even if they were a bit on the corny side, what can I say I like my sci-fi stories).