Happy Birthday @Sarad 🎂


Happy Birthday @Sarad! Best wishes! :birthday::cake:


Happy Birthday @Sarad! :birthday:


Happy birthday @Sarad


Happy Birthday @ Sarad
I’m sure like a fine wine, you just get better with time.

I wonder about you often, my imagination has really been running away with me lately.
I wonder if you are for real, or just a plant to try and get a response from people.
For all i know you really could be an obese white guy living in his mom’s basement, who likes to prank people.
I often wonder what motivates people and why they do the things they do.
Like one of the deceased former stones once said, ( maybe we’re all just looking for a little attention)
i can relate to this, but i’m really not looking for attention from just anybody.

Just the possibility you are who you say you are is enough to keep me interested and checking back, and wondering about you.
fyi, You really aren’t my type, but i really do Appreciate Beauty and in my opinion
Mila Kunis is one of the most Beautiful women to ever grace humanity.

I hope you are doing well and will keep your many fans and followers updated.

sorry if i bored anybody to tears with all my babble, but you don’t have to read it, ya know


May you have many more… and live long and prosper.


Where is @sarad ?


Wow… 1551515



@sarad honey where are you? @Azley do you know?


Yeah man I got no clue… wind up won rying bout her when I think about it.




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