Happy Birthday @MrSquirrel

Yay @MrSquirrel! Happy birthday dude! I hope you squirreled away some time to celebrate!

Thanks again all. Still had to work today and it was busy enough that I had to give up my lunch break. The pleasant surprise was that my boss had to run a kid to an appointment nearby, so she stopped at my condo to drop off a cake and some balloons. Kind of a big deal when you live about two hours away from the branch you work out of! I’m very blessed to have a good manager.

Had a taco salad for dinner and managed to stay just above the calorie target for the day. Walked main street after dinner and got some photography in:

So, yeah, a good day. I’m a lot healthier than I was at this time last year, and about 50 lbs lighter. I’ll take the win and see if I can keep moving forward.



Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday :+1:

Happy birthday, a day late

happy birthday!!!

Happy birthday, have great day.

Happy belated birthday @MrSquirrel. :birthday:



Happy happy birthday to you @MrSquirrel

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