Happy Birthday Ish


I hope you have a great year coming up.

Happy birthday Ish


Thank you J :smiley: I’m 29, which means I’m almost 30 … scary.


happy birthday Ish have a gr8 time…:slight_smile:


happy birthday ish. i seem to be getting older by the day :wink:


Happy Birthday, @Ish! I hope you enjoy the day, as well as the year ahead of you.

Many Blessings,



Happy Birthday Ish. Hope you enjoy your trip around the sun.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner


Happy Birthday Ish. Did you wear the yellow dress?


Happy birthday @Ish! Hope you have a wonderful day! :smile:


Happy birthday Ish !


happy birthday ish, have a good one.
take care


Happy Birthday*********


I’m also 29 from February. You’re only a few months younger then me.


Happy birthday to you , Ish. Wish you a lucky and fulfilling new year.



Thank you everyone, I had a great peaceful birthday. :smiley: Just the way I like it!

@77nick77 Yes I wore it to the engagement do. But I had to return it because there was a problem with their stitching so they will give it back after they fixed it. But all went very well :smiley: