Happy Birthday FlameoftheRhine

Soul has no age

But you grow to the point you want

you didn’t post, saying “it’s not my birthday.” :laughing:

Lol would be nice if beating that game counted as a glorious act…

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to the game developers, it was. :smiley:

All souls have an age…whether you were created with the universe or any time after there’s a number you could place on it

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religious thread incoming :laughing:

Would be a funny thing to get the bday thread closed due to religion lol


well anything can happen with Daz-

let me shut up :relaxed:

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Thanks honey

Appreciate getting mentioned

Happy Birthday @flameoftherhine. How many years??

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Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday! All the best.

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Also since I didn’t say it yet Happy Birthday FlameoftheRhine

inb4 everyone flags that. at least they would, if I had posted it. : /

Happy birthday. Hope you get some yummy cake to eat :slight_smile:

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:happy birthday: :pizza:

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