Happy Birthday CarolineC

Thank you all for your warm birthday wishes. I had a special dinner tonight with my parents, and most importantly, cake! I got a belt (which I desperately needed), a shirt, and fitted sheets for my bed (which I also desperately needed). I’ve only had one birthday wish on my facebook, so your birthday wishes really are much appreciated. :smiley:


happy birthday CarolineC.
take care

When was your Birthday? today Friday May 30th? Have a great and Happy Birthday Caroline!! :sunny:

Thank you, Wave. It was Thursday May 29th. Better late than never. :smiley:

Happy Birthday! I hope is one to remember in the best ways possible!!

Wishing you a happy Belated Birthday then @CarolineC lol

Happy belated birthday!!! Have a great day

What’s this? This party’s been going on 2 days strait! The birthdays over!
I’m crashing the party! The ice cream is melted!!!

Everyone go home and get some sleep! LOL…

(Just kidding)