Happy Birthday 77Nick77

I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice, input and straight up cool wisdom that you’ve given me over these past few months. You’ve given me some ideas for getting through some tight spots with a lot less stress. It was your posting that caught my eye on this forum.

Thank you and I hope you have a great birthday. Heres to another year of good times… :birthday:


Happy Birthday 77Nick77 Hope you enjoy your next trip around the sun.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

Happy Birthday Nick - Keep on truckin :smiley:

Happy Birthday Nick.

Happy birthday Nick. :slight_smile:

Hope you have a wonderful day Nick!

Happy Birthday Anniversary, Nick. You’re stability is admirable and a great help to the forum.

Happy Birthday Nick! I hope it’s filled with joy and love.



Happy Birthday 77Nick77! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Hi nick, I actually find a lot of support in your post. I read about your experience on employment before i join the forum, and from time to time find your experience really valuable. You make me understand I can expect myself to work part time. Thank you so much. Wish u will meet your new friend soon!


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Hi nick did someone say birthday

What age you making now nick?..by the way, Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Birthday Nick! Thanks for being part of this great forum!!

Hi surprised, Like you always say to us, :“Thanks for that” !!!

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Thanks to everybody for the “well wishes”. You all help me too.

Happy birthday 77nick77! I hope you have an awesome day

Happy Birthday Nick! :birthday:

And thank you for your informative and thoughtful posts over the years. They have been quite helpful and given me ideas to help my son. Hope you have a wonderful day :smile:

Today is your birthday…

Happy to you…

Hope you have a great one…

On a serious note, Thank you Nick for offering kind and honest advice to everyone across the board. I have acted on your advice and things have worked out for the better. I’m glad your here.

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Thanks Riley, a good song by my favorite band.
I know you guys are going through some rough times in your family, I hope they have a happy ending.

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I’m 53. Over half a century!!