Happy actual cake 🍰 day @patrick

Happy actual cake :cake: day @anon39054230

I know how much you love smartphones! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Happy cake day @anon39054230 :))

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Happy cake day @anon39054230. :cake:

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Thanks, but how do you know it’s my actual real Cake Day?

The cake next you your username gives it away !

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But that was yesterday. I don’t see the cake icon next to my name right now.

That’s weird. This is what I see.

I missed the non actual cake day oh no… Lol.

Happy cake day part 2 @anon39054230 :birthday::tada:

Could it be different time zones?

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I appreciate the sentiment, but I don’t need 2 cakes…my gut is big enough! :wink:

Bizarre. I don’t know @Mae .


happy cake day @anon39054230 =)
i hope you had a nice day!

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I notice there is a cake day today for an anon’d account. That was probably me. I think I joined in 2015…around 6 years ago.

Either that or my handle was “Dad of Twins” when I first started posting on this forum. I can’t remember.

@anon39054230 , what time and date is on your PC? Maybe it’s not correct?

I still don’t see the cake icon beside my username. I have no idea why you can see it today.

Happy cake day :birthday::birthday::birthday:

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Check the date on your PC. I suspect that it’s wrong.


The date and time are correct on my PC.

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maybe if you logged in then you don’t see the cake icon if it is your own account? @anon39054230