Happy 4th of July, American friends!

What food is traditional to eat on the 4th of July?

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Barbecue food like hot dogs and hamburgers etc…


Sounds nice! Hope you folks have a good time!


don’t forget the watermelon. some people put salt on it i recently learned. one of my nephews loves watermelon, he will totally sit there and eat half a watermelon.


I’m rediscovering Bob Dylan. He’s awesome.

Yeah I heard of salt and watermelon. Reckon it would kinda make it isotonic - kinda like Gatorade


We just had a barbecue cookout where I live. It was great. There was one fly in the ointment, though. This guy drove by in a pickup with a Trump flag sticking out his window, and I could see him thinking, “Look at those lazy people living it up at the tax payers’ expense.” We have a barbeque less than once a year. Everyone chips in and brings an assigned item. I brought the hamburger and hot dog buns. We had barbecue chicken, hamburgers, andn. hot dogs. Lots of fun.


Well I’m an American girl.


Nah not really. Have fun celebrating.


America the best country on earth. The best way of life, strongest military, and just overall badass. Don’t ■■■■ with us!

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Happy 4th of July!!!


Thanks, everyone. Hoping you have a great day as well.

At the Zombie House we are making a lot of food to make it special since we don’t have fireworks or sparklers.

We’re having taco salad, hot dogs, hamburgers, lazy pierogi, fruit kabobs and a cake made from a watermelon. Sidea are macaroni salad, potato salad, and baked beans. Desserts are the fruit stuff I mentioned plus we have cupcakes and cookies.

There was a gravest sale on the cupcakes and cookies. Buy two packages and get 3 free. Couldnt pass that up as we never really do dessert.


Happy independence day!! :statue_of_liberty:

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The top dog never had to be liberated - would that be the UK?

That’s highly offensive on this sacred American holiday.

When I lived in America I often was in Miami on the 4th of July. And when I lived in my auto in Miami there were always the independence day parties at the port of Miami, many people had their fireworks. Once on the 4th of July I met an old Jewish man in North Miami Beach and he told me about his experiences in the 2nd WW. Happy the 4th of July.


I meant it as a tongue in cheek compliment to the UK. I’m sorry if you found it offensive.

I understood your joke :smiley:

Happy 4th July everyone

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Let’s cut some heads :rofl: :crazy_face: