Happiness is a matter of choice

Apparently not. If it was a matter of choice, I would be happy.

“Positive psychology” has an ethical problem: If you can’t be happy, you can blame yourself.

Not the circumstances, your upbringing, the neurological conditions, it’s because you don’t choose to be happy and successful.



Yeah, I think that it is a little more complicated than that. A lot of factors play into whether or not you are relatively happy.

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A good attitude doesn’t hurt though.


When I was clinically depressed I wanted to be happy, but I wasn’t.

The depression faded on its own after many years, probably 8-10. Now I am generally a happier person.

If I could of chosen to be happy all those years I would have.

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True, and i really want to be happy. And yes it’s complicated, i believe in some sort of free will but…

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I mean that isn’t exactly what they’re saying but it can still be the effect, yes. It’s also a problem of clinical psychology and psychiatry in general, really.

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Yes, i simplified it…The nurse I’m talking to monthly is picking up all the positive things I am telling her, and disregarding where it hurts because it doesn’t fit in her kind of therapy.



Yeah I can imagine that feels like she’s trivializing your problems. A balance would be probably be better.

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I think you can dull the edge of unhappiness by making the best of your situation. Give yourself little treats. Go out to eat at the pizza buffet. Discover some game at the game shop that hasn’t gotten much attention yet. Go to flea markets, garage sales. If you have a good eye you might find something you can resell for more money. Don’t expect that you’ll suddenly be ecstatic from these things, but they are something that might take the edge off.


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