Hanging with the uncle

During my first psychosis i came out on the back patio.

My uncle was out there staring into a fire.

He began saying “see! see! see!”

This was while “they” spoke with me in my mind, they said alot of bad bad things, threatening things as well, it was hell.

What do you think he was saying exactly? See what? I don’t know. I didn’t really see anything to be honest during that time, it was just some crazy assholes and what they had to say, there were lies mixed with some truth, but all of it came from the heart of a psychopath.

See what?

I don’t mean to sound funny, but are you sure he was talking to you? Just a thought?


We were the only two out there.

Not to mention the “whomever” in my head talking about awful things and threatening me.