Hanging out with the homeless

Dr Zen here I’m currently taking someone to the homeless shelter where they’ll get a meal and a place to stay hopefully help him with his Social Security for his disabled kicked out by abusive wife and stuck in another state anyway that’s like my day


I hung out with the homeless back when I was homeless. It was enough for two lifetimes.


That was nice of you @DrZen

I had a lady help me like that when I was homeless and it was a blessing to me.


I went to a movie with a homeless woman once. It was a very relaxing experience.

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When I lived in the board & care home in 2016 it was located downtown in a major city with lots of homeless around. I got along with them great! Some of them liked me though they probably liked that I would give them a dollar or two occasionally.

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I was homeless before I got housing and I used to eat a the soup kitchen

In 1994 when I lost my place to live, I moved in with my mom. In the Fall of 2008 I was really homeless for about three months when I lived mostly either in my car or the shelter.

I applaud your concern and I applaud your helping this guy. If I had to live on the street I would probably stay away from skid row as much as I could. Skid row has hazards for me. I’ve got SNAP benefits, so that should remove the need to eat at the soup kitchens.

not since my teens have i hung out with the homeless.

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