Hanging out in my pj’s

I didn’t do much today.
Just hanging out around the house in my pajamas and new bathrobe.

I got the bathrobe on sale and it’s very comfortable.

I guess I’m still feeling down but today was not so bad.

Maybe the higher depakote dose is finally starting to kick in.

Let’s hope so!


Sounds like a pretty good day to me. Glad you’re feeling a little better today. I am in the same boat, down but not as down as i was yesterday. Hope the Depakote brings you some relief. Hang in there, man.

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Thanks @disciple

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My psychiatrist finally got back to me tonight.
She said she just got my message.

I told her that I was no longer cycling but was still feeling a bit depressed.

I see her soon anyway.

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Good that you’re doing better :sunny:

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Thanks @everhopeful!

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