Handwriting movements for assessment of motor symptoms in schizophrenia spectrum disorders and bipolar disorder



So they brought physics into handwriting, that pretty cool. I wouldn’t consider myself having motor impairment, I can still draw, and paint without a problem. I’m left handed so sometimes righties find my handwriting difficult to decipher because their handwriting is opposite. If I take my time though, I have pretty legible handwriting. It changes though. If I write in a journal, my handwriting never stays the same. Although, it’s similar.


My handwriting is better than it was ,ie I think legible, but still crudely formed . My drawing and painting ability is around a 6-7 year old level.


That’s good its better than it was. I think the more we write, the better it gets.


whats the schizophrenia spectrum? i knew it was a spectrum but have never seen it before


I think spectrum refers to like a vast amount of things that have to do with schizophrenia, but that’s only a guess


i thought it was to do with our levels of functioning


I don’t know, these articles are really hard to read. They really rack my brain, you are probably right


i havent read it yet lol


okay, let me know your opinion. I would like to know


idk we both could be right,



oh, nice! Its probably genetics or something that determines handwriting too because a lot of my aunts and uncles write the same



wow this is really cool stuff! I’m really interested in this. It’s like I can think along the lines of this.


thanks for providing me with these sources!