Hands-free speaking and speaking alone

This really happened in the last summer. I rode my bicycle in the city park and then I saw an older man and I perceived he spoke alone and so I decided to go to him and asked if he had any mental health problems, because he spoke alone. To this my question he just said that he spoke on the hands-free device. Sometimes one can not know who is speaking alone and who is on these modern hands-free devices.


I had this happen too… watched a guy… yelling… very angry… I was going to tell him
“there is help, you don’t have to suffer.”

But he had those Bluetooth things in his ear.

It makes me smile to think that pretty soon everyone will look like me on a bad day.


I usually wear my ear phones on when I’m outdoors. I use it to speak on the phone. I seldom answer my voices. I don’t answer anyone I can’t see speaking to me.


I do that all the time! Mostly at work. I will go up to someone and ask who they are talking to–I get such a weird look!

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Makes me laugh at those “weirdos” who turn out to be “normals” on their cell phone with a thing in their ear.
They don’t have a clue that they don’t look “important” to others, just crazy.


I had my hands free on and a hoodie. This was befoe I was ill. I was in city looking for a meeting place with a socialworker. She guided me on the phone. Then suddenly someone stepped forward and said "You know there is help for that, you don’t have to suffer. " i said “thank you very much” with a big smile and continued forward.

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Yeah, that’s part of the reason this guy at work got fired. He was constantly talking on his Bluetooth. He got warned a few times but he didn’t learn. When you’re a janitor in a crowded office building you don’t wear a Bluetooth and talk on it all day.

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