Halving the dose of the meds

can you face withdrawals from meds taking only half the dose? because of the screwed up pdoc I use to go to and the one i’m about to see Im low on meds so I started taking lower doses of meds including my Haldol. I used my refill of Ativan.

awww @cbbrown I am so sorry you are having to do this…I don’t think you will have withdrawals but I pray you find more meds soon. I hate it that you are always in turmoil…you must be worn out ! how’s your ankle?

this time it wasn’t my fault the doctor said she wanted me to see a better equipped doctor and just cut me off of meds. I got told by my therapist that I can get them in trouble for that but I don’t want to jam her up with legal trouble.

my ankle is okay, it still swells up and hurts when I walk. I was suppose to go back to the bone doctor but I think its been too long since I’ve been there.