Halperidal deconate working fast

so far two voices have been silenced, its nice devon was the rudest and phillip was just really annoying. I hoping Rebecca becomes quiet too. she reminds me of the preppy girls I went to high school with that were mean to me.


maybe someday all the voices will be gone imagine that

honestly I have a hard time imagining that, they have been around for over 7 years everyday I have heard them. I haven’t seen a gremlin or saw bug either. and so far no shadow people but you never know about them.

It was recommended I maybe try a small dose of haldol…but I’ve heard such scary things about it…that it zombifies you and whatnot


We share a need for high doses of medication but certainly not form of symptoms. I have never seen or heard anything. If you need a rapid acting drug consider Seroquel or geodon.

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Haldol quieted my head so much that after many months with no voices, I got lonly and begged to try something else.
It was too quiet, and I had voices all my life, so it was just too different for me to sustain it.

That’s kind of what I’m scared of that I will miss them.

Thinking about going on the Haldol tablets as maintenance treatment.
Actually I asked my pdoc about it but she is against it for me.
She is concerned about it causing TD.
Haldol is less of a weight gaining drug than risperidone.

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When I was. At my worst in May of 2011, I walked into my pdoc office and said I had Down syndrome. Because I hallucinated that I did look like that in the mirror. And then said “that’s why everyone is so mean to me”. So I told him that, he said I wasn’t, but I should take haldol. I never cashed in my prescription but I was arrested a couple days later for my psychotic episode and stuff. Man I was such a danger to myself and others that point in my life. I was living in my car for a week or 2.

I have taken haldol in the hospital though.

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Glad that you are doing fine now Chew.


It’s good you are doing better! It was my idea to try the injection since I was on the highest dose on haldol pills that my doctor felt comfortable with.