I’m on Halopreidol 5MG a day, quetapex 25MG, Modapex 50MG and I want to know if that I suffer from schizopherenia or not. Please, can you mention the symptoms? I was addict on Cannabis but i have just stopped it and i feel I’m good now


If you want to be diagnosed you need to go to the doctor. Why did they put you on those meds?


Because Panic attacks


Is quetapexe same as quetiapine? And modapex is sertraline?


yes it’s the same


Have you ever had a psychotic break?


like stopping the medicine for a while?


No, like, have you ever been psychotic? Lose touch with reality? Hallucinations? Delusions? Paranoia? Anything like that?


Yes, He told me I’m ODD and sometimes I hear my father’s voice and all the time I feel that I’m being watched of other people like they’re making fun of me but when I look at them it seems no one is watching me


Are your current meds helping?


yes, It helped me alot to control my brain but I feel that my intelligence has been reduced


That’s pretty normal with these meds.


For what it’s worth in my limited not medical opinion you don’t sound schizophrenic. Especially if that tiny dose of meds is working for you.


Ok thank you very much


If you show the doctor you are making a good faith effort to be med compliant, and your symptoms remain under control, they might gradually reduce your medications, and your intelligence will return. I felt like Haldol didn’t hurt my intelligence as much as it hurt my creativity. It really killed my imagination. I’m on Geodon and Seroquel now, and life is good.


I am on 60mg haloperidol…


You’ll get used to it eventually. The slow thoughts.


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