Halo: The Circle around the SUN

To be healed,
Is to believe.

It took time,
10 years of mine.

When you recover,
Don’t go undercover.

Make your stand,
And, Be the Brand.


I have a mark of the beast delusion sometimes so I don’t know about the last sentence

If you recover you don’t think of that kind of thing any more.

I don’t as much, I appreciate that

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Cause it’s 187 on an undercover cop :joy::joy::joy:

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:joy: I was shooting for the moon but I reached the star

What do you do with a star once you reach it?

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Whatever you want, that’s the thing, whatever you want

You know I process or plan for every 5 mins.
like the head light of a car at night,
just plan the destination and view only 100mtrs max.
Once you reach the destination.
Select the other.

Once I reach a star I would try for another star

I don’t really believe In that ■■■■

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