Not sure if these are hallucinations but I often see strange stuff, anyone else?

Today whilst on the bus I saw a Victorian dressed man with the moustache And all riding a penny farthing through a village
I’ve also seen a Victorian suited man stood outside a pub
I often see a man in a Batman costume near my house ,
I’ve seen my deceased grandma walking near my house full psychosis
I’ve also seen other stuff👽

The weird thing is others see them too, but not sure why I attract the weirdness

The ones that others see probably aren’t hallucinations.

“Seeing things” is very common in this community. It’s hard, but you should start ignoring the visions. Think about what you were doing, eating, or talking to soon before a vision starts and learn to avoid those events that trigger the visions. Make sure you get enough sleep as well. Of course you should contact a medical professional about it, if you are capable. Inform your close relatives.

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