Hallucinations not completely gone

Last night I saw the fedora man it scared me. But it just goes to show Haldol can’t fix everything

Fedora man? I take 60mg haldol along with two other antipsychotics and still have voices sometimes

The fedora is this shadow figure I see sometimes. He is very tall, all black but i can make out a trench coat and a fedora with red eyes and smoking a cigarette

I only take 10 mgs of Haldol a day and 160 mg of latuda

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I would tell my pdoc…that shouldn’t happen…I hope you aren’t afraid of the shadow man…he is not real !!

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You may need to increase the dose

I still get scared of him. My partner kept telling me he isn’t real she hoped I wouldnt see him anymore
@Om_Sadasiva I was afraid of that

I am sorry for you, dear…


The best I’ve ever achieved is less frequent hallucinations with occasional week long breaks which feel like miracles.

I hope the incidents of seeing him and other stuff is at least reduced.

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