Hallucinations living with me

Whenever i move into a new place or live somewhere for a while I have hallucinations of things that live there.
Right now in my current living situation there is a creature made of black leaves that sits in the dark and stares at me often making a noise “kikikiki” it seems to enjoy my guitar playing and I see him out if the corner of my eyes a lot.
I’ve come to name him Bernard.

In my last living space there was a little blue round alien-like creature named meep. Unfortunately he did not come with me to the new house and I hope to see him if and when I return to the previous place.


I have a tentacle monster I named Fred. He chills on my bedroom floor and steals my pens.


These all sound like really cool alien pets to me. Not trying to minimize your hallucinations, just imagined them all and pictured them as cute weird pets and it made me smile.

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