Hallucinations in photographs

Hi. This is my first post. So hello. My name’s Benny, and I recently got diagnosed.

I wanted to ask if someone had experiences with hallucinations in photographs.

For example, lets say I see a photo of person A where he had a cast on his arm. And over the next month or so every photo I see of him, he has the cast on his arm. And the month after that, photos of him don’t have the cast anymore. I would be safe to assume he had a cast during those months right? Are hallucinations so persistent that you can see them every time you look at the photographs, even new ones? Say, I see the photos with the cast all the same even a year after, though I’m guessing if its not there then I am delusional and seeing them as a result of this delusion.

I know the best way to reality test is to just check with others, but outside of that, does anyone have experiences of this sort?

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I’ve never heard of hallucinations consistently inventing a part of reality. Normally they’re ever-changing.

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I definitely have false memories.

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