Hallucinations I’ve had that were bad

Once when decides to get high knowing I’m SchIzoaffective and I went to a restaurant with my ex and I heard everyone call my name just repeating ocean another one is sometimes while in the car (not me driving I’m working on that ) but I would see people appear on the sidewalk for one second and poof disappear it really was confusing on it was real or not has anyone had the same situation or similar?


Yeah i can freak out a bit when i smoke weed. Isnt good for me. But also when ive been unwell from schizoaffecrive ive had similar stuff happen. Like being at a distance from people on the street and seeing what they look like, then looking away and back again. Noticing that their appearance has completely changed.


I used to see dogs out of my corner of eye often they would be right beside me then i look and poof there gone.

I wasnt high or anything tho


I like it when they disappear. I have some complex ones.

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