Hallucinations Can Affect All Five Senses in Schizophrenia

An opinion piece


I also got olfactory hallucinations during my last episode. These are hardly mentioned but they do exist. Both pleasant odors and nasty smells. Seemed to me they shifted according to my mood or thoughts.

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Yes it does:-
:heavy_check_mark: Eyes:
:heavy_check_mark: Nose:
:heavy_check_mark: Taste:
:heavy_check_mark: Touch:
:heavy_check_mark: Hear:

And none of it I had any hallucination with, but all where signal to the brain which were misinterpreted.

My Eyes, I do see real things but dreams and memory misfire due to specific chemical imbalance.
My Nose, Extra sensitive to smell, and make meaning out of it.
My Taste, Feeling I have been feed insects like bed bugs, because the pepper powder looks like it.
My Touch: Sense of something crawling underneath the skin.
My Ears: The most common, audio available but the interpreter issue.

Overall heavily sensitive to all the five senses with misfiring neurons,
Causing common sense being not so common anymore.

If you get the right interpreter you can be super human with super active senses !

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I’m thankful I’ve never had actual hallucinations

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I’ve had all kinds of them for all the senses

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I dreamed of a really bad sound quite often, that’s all.