Hallucinating in the hospital

they didn’t give me my meds the first two days in the hospital. I was in the hospital for ankle surgery. I was so out of it the burger talked to me that I ate for dinner and told me its name was fred.

That’s what I call tragic humor. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

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ug when I went in for my back surgery last fall they ‘forgot’ that I was on meds…I spent two weeks recovering (the surgery culdnt even be done because of some weird reaction that they never figured out) and I was un medicated the entire time…my Grandfather, step dads mom, and my late GF were all in the room from the third day on…and this was of course a full two years after the most recent of their deaths…


i’m sorry you experienced that, at least mine was kind of funny.

actually it was nice to see them again. the visions had a lot more detail to them than I could consciously remember, its like seeing a movie again from your childhood after a decade of having not seen it.