Hallucinating about a sun

I swear as I was watching my computer and looking at the screen between the spaces I saw a sun as big as my round table. I find it weird can anyone help with this hallucination.

Still seeing it? I know how hard facing the fact that one cant trust the physical senses can be. But as I tried to learn more about it, I also realized that when I understood it was an illusion, I was still in control. As long as it hadn’t fooled me and as long as it was not an immediate threat to me physically, it would be either an interesting show to experience or a boring one that I just needed to wait out.

When I look to check I still see it in my memories.:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Your memories are not what you are experiencing now. Unless somebody goes through life unconscious or has amnesia, they will always have memories. Why are you going through life looking only at the past? That means you are walking through it facing backwards. Look at the future ahead of you to grab hold of the opportunities instead of regretting the past that cannot be changed now anyway.

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